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Colombia is Collywood Creativity and production epicenter for the whole world. The biggest masters in the business of Telenovela and short and long Series gather in this market that has become the most strategic in Latin America to draw up plans, make alliances and evaluate the business course

FOX already operates with FOX-TELECOLOMBIA. The giant SONY closed its alliance with the successful producer TELESET. The powerful North American NBC—TELEMUNDO acquired great part of the producer RTI. Disney and MTV are also established in this country.

These and other big American and European companies set their eyes on Colombia, a country that offers guaranties to investors, security, quality in productions and the best prices.

A unique and specialized meeting. This year, in the context of the summit, the Ibero-American Summit of Writers and telenovelas, series and formats scriptwriters is being held. They’ll be received by experts from different countries, as lecturers, and a Business Arena.

Fernando Gaitán - Special Guest
Creator of Ugly Betty - Betty la Fea, and today vice president of Product and Contents of Channel RCN. Colombia.

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Guillermo Restrepo
Producer of Pura Sangre of RCN. Will be on the panel of GREAT LATIN AMERICAN PRODUCERS. Colombia

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Gustavo Bolívar
Creator of Sin Tetas no hay Paraíso and writer of the spectacular series El Capo, produced currently by FOX-TELECOLOMBIA and broadcasted by channel RCN.

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Bill Bakula
A great business tycoon and visionary. Estados Unidos.

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Gus Howard
One of the most prestigious producers in Europe.

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Pedro Torres
The successful producer of the Mexican version of Mujeres Asesinas, who has reaped a rich harvest of successes, will be on the panel of GREAT LATIN AMERICAN PRODUCERS. México.

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Beatriz Parga
She has been selected by Hispanic Media as one of the 100 most influential Hispanic journalists in the USA. Her most recent book is La Maestra y El Nobel. Colombia.

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Vivel Nouel
One of the most prestigious novel writers in Latin America. Venezuela.

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Juan Pablo Santos
This outstanding expert has been the vice president of New Business at IMAGINA U.S since February 2007. He will be on the panel of GREAT LATIN AMERICAN PRODUCERS. US.

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Dago García
Creator of La Saga, and today VP of Production and Programming of Channel Caracol. He will be on the panel of GREAT LATIN AMERICAN PRODUCERS. Colombia.

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Gabriel Blanco
Agent Representative - He got recognition representing actors, writers, poets and scriptwriters. Cuba - México.

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Mauricio Navas Talero
Writer of the successful Pura Sangre for RCN and adapted by Televisa. Colombia.

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Mauro Alencar
Consultant and Investigator of TVGLOBO and Professor and PHD University of Sao Paolo TVGLOBO. Brasil.

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Frank Marrero
Productor y Director de cine y TV. Puerto Rico.

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Julio César Luna
Actor, Writer, Director and TV Producer. Argentina.

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Daniel Rodríguez
Producer, Writer, Director Cinecorp Peru.

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Bruno López
SVP Programming Univision Interactive Media, Inc. US.

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Luiz Padilha
SONY Corporation of America. US.

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Hugo León Ferrer
Production VP of R.T.I. Telemundo. US.

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Esther Feldman
Film and TV writer and one of the creators of successful Argentinian telenovela Lalola. Argentina.

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Arnaldo Limansky
Film and TV producer. President of CINECINCO LLC. US.

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Ernesto Fundora
Film writer and producer. Cuba, Mexico & US.

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Creation, production, realization, programming, distribution, commercialization, promotion and related business are many of the axes of an everyday more competitive business. Entrepreneurs, producers, programmers, distributors, artists, authors, scriptwriters, researchers, publicity and talent agencies, and massive and specialized media.

"It is key to think audiovisual production from the industry, communication and the audiences experience, specially when communication will be digital, and that change is one of the biggest challenges for the industry. Another challenge is to position digital publicity as a main axis of communication and marketing."

That was said by the journalist and TVMAS director, magazine that created and organized the summit, and she also explains that “TV in a very promising market as the Spanish, lived a very complicated year in 2008 because of the decrease in 11,1% of their income in publicity, an area that totaled a decrease of 7.5% down to 14,915 millions . These figures indicate that you must keep an eye in traditional business, but having the other one put in new business models, such as

internet TV, financed by publicity, and cell phone TV, that has doubled its income between 2007 and 2008 up to 16,2 millions in Spain, just to give an example of an important market”, she indicated, and also anticipates that these and other important and critic issues, will have to be discussed at this summit.
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