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KATHERINE PORTO, Actress, guest star of the Summit.

29 years ago Katherine Porto came into the world, surrounded by the breeze and mediterranean smell of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). From an early age she was characterized for being an exotic mulatta, faithful representative of her culture and roots. Her face has never been taken for granted and her sex appeal has always defined her as a captivating woman.

Katherine started in TV as a news anchor at the young age of 18. In order to assume this challenge she had to put aside her hippie and carefree look, in so assuming with great responsibilty the role of being the image of information for the most important regional network of the Colombian Caribbean coast. This first and grand encounter witht he world of television led Katherine Porto to study Social Communication and Journalism, a degree which she obtained but with the passing of the years, never saw as her absolute professional future.

Two years in broadcasting were enough of a springboard for her to take a step ahead in her career. Her first steps in national television were as a correspondent for NOTICIAS CARACOL for a year and later as a host for a comedy show for Canal Caracol: TAMBIEN CAERAS; from there she went on to be the host for NOTICIAS RCN and MUY BUENOS DIAS, of one of the most watched and remembered realities of the country LA ISLA DE LOS FAMOSOS. Her reports from the island were watched daily in every news broadcast, and so, day by day the name and figure of Porto were anxiously anticipated by the Colombian audience who watched how, from a deserted island, a star was being born.

Such was the people and media´s acceptance, that a life changing proposal unexpectedly came at Katherine: Acting!. Maybe because of her journalism background she was called to audition for a role in a new production, where she would play the antagonist, a beautiful journalist who gets too invloved with the country´s underworld. With her own choice in wardrobe Katherine auditioned for the first time in her life, with the great satisfaction of having been cast as Ximena.

And so, this girl from the coast stepped into Colombian homes for over a year, every night at prime time, with the soap LA VIUDA DE LA MAFIA. An experience that without a doubt became a second major and a challenge through which she discovered her great hidden secret, a love towards acting.


Afterwards, the network CANAL RCN called regarding the production of the world renowned FERNANDO GAITAN. This time, she would have to play a spiritual woman. She proceeded to be cast for HASTA QUE LA MUERTE LOS SEPARE, where we saw her as Susana or the YUYUBITA, the protagonist´s secretary and best friend.

Katherine juggled her work in soaps and as a presenter. During two consecutive years she was charged with hosting from Cartagena, for NOTICIAS RCN, a segment dealing with choosing the most beautiful women in the country during the National Beauty Pageant.

It was time for so much beauty and talent to carry a project. The chance came from CANAL CARACOL, with a mega project who would intimidate anyone, but not Katherine. QUIEN AMARA A MARIA, was the story of a woman that takes o9n different personalities in order to find the man of her life. And so, for the first time, Katherine starred, bringing MARIA GUERRA, MARIA CONSUELO, MARIA MARGARITA and MARIA ANGELICA to life. A challenge in which she demonstrated her histrionic gifts and with which she cemented her relationship with a public that loves and admires her.

Her unquestionable beauty has been displayed in every cover of Colombian magazines, snd her talent featured in the best productions. Next challenge: MUJERES ASESINAS, the hit series of CANAL RCN, in which our beautiful Katherine played in the episode SANDRA LA CONFUNDIDA, a drama for which the actress garnered praise as well as nominations.

For 2008, once again CANAL RCN placed their trust in the artist, playing the antagonist of a project that would touch on social questions: INVERSIONES EL ABC. Veronica Restrepo, an ambicious woman from humble origins that gets involved in the world of pyramid schemes, a social phenomenon that affected an important sector of the Colmobian people.

In this way, Katherine Porto has walked a short but plentiful career in television; has garnered the recognition of directors, producers, writers, but above all, the public that sees in her an integral woman, beautiful, talented, mother, model. An role model worthy of following and admiring, that continues creating opportunities in Colombia and the world.

Her latest projects include a book of poetry and a record, no surprise considering that Katherine has, from an early age, dedicated her free time to the expression of her soul through compositions in which she has imprinted her feelings and experiences, which she soon hopes to share with her fans.

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