Iberoamerican Writers and Scriptwriters Summit
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A gathering of the media giants. Experts and gurus from all around the world in the panel. This year with Fernando Gaitán (creator of Betty la Fea - Ugly Betty), as the central figure of the Summit. And a well deserved tribute to the great master Bernardo Romero Pereiro (r.i.p) and the outstanding figure of Don Arquímedes Rivero, honoring us with his presence at the event.

TVMAS and ONLY TELENOVELAS Fictions & Formats, International magazines specialized on the TV Industry, sponsored by the Colombian domestic industry, are pleased to invite you as a speaker to the VII WORLD SUMMIT OF TELENOVELA AND FICTION TELEVISION INDUSTRY, to be held on November 18th, 19th and 20th in Bogota, Colombia at Carlton Hotel. The attendance to the summits held in 2006, 2007 and 2008, of the United States, Africa and many countries of the Asian continent and Arabic market, opened a huge opportunity for miniseries and long series as well as for Telenovelas within the most ambitious markets with a grater projection. The formats came in strongly and modified the slots and strengthening the domestic production. Canned series got a new horizon in pay channels and platforms creating in this way a new dynamism which transformed the industry in deep.

This year in Bogotá, the capital of a country that stands in the region for its creation, exploration and export of original formats and remakes, and for the further development of production in the last five years, gathers important representatives of industry at regional and global levels: entrepreneurs, executives, producers, programmers, marketers, writers, editors, cinematographers, advertising agencies, talent agencies, music companies, merchandise licensing, investors, researchers, academics, representatives of public and private channels, open and pay, mass media and journalists, and everyone involved and interested in the business of soap opera and fiction (Entertainment).

The meeting will be held for 3 days in order to create some development strategies, arrange contents and make joint venture, buy and sell as well as to work out the distribution procedures so as to reach different targets and audience.

Main topics: A WORLWIDE POINT OF VIEW ON THE FORMAT BUSINESS and fiction remakes: Successful and unsuccessful ones. The impact on business and audience.


Arena one to one: A closed business circle in which the participants may have the chance to negotiate face to face as well as to exchange ideas and projects.

Latin American Writers and Producers Meeting: El día 20 habrá una jornada entre escritores y realizadores latinoamericanos, que vendrán de distintos países del mundo para compartir las experiencias y analizar los distintos esquemas de creación y los distintos nichos y targets.

Thematic Agenda (click to expand)
  • Purchasing strategies of TV programs (stories and formats). Advertising strategy and the secret of the success of the programs.
  • Production and distribution plans (Branded Entertainment, among others).
  • Consumer Increase in miniseries and long series (schedule and targets).
  • Production of original series versus adaptations of series and formats (successful and not successful ones)
  • The distribution, strategic market scope and its complexity as well as chances within the opened TV, paid and free media.
  • Foundations from the creation, performance up to the release addressed to a target audience.
  • Analysis of the most famous fiction formats versus entertainment ones (for infant, young and adult audience)
  • The future of the classic telenovela and the audience target.
  • Merchandising, soundtrack and licenses.
  • Telenovela as a mean to show social contents and its impact on the audience (social merchandising and educational contents)



Opportunities (click to expand)
  • Purchasing and sale of stories, formats and canned series.
  • Possibility to carry out co production projects, bilateral agreement and joint ventures.
  • Opportunity to include new talent or well-known faces in remakes (strategy to capture larger audience and media coverage).
  • Company networks and branding: Products and account executives.
  • Formats, franchises, scripts, stories, adaptations, sound tracks, locations, and know-how available.
  • Experience sharing in different production outlines, distributions and business models.
  • Techniques and aspects related to equipment and technologies needed for product development.
  • Infrastructure and facilities used as showcase to produce fiction.



A unique, segmented and specialized event in the TV industry, where the big actors in the worldwide fiction business will meet to discuss about the trends and how to make business.

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Why is it taking place in Colombia this year?

"Colombia is above all a strategic market. It is today the production epicenter for various world markets, where series are being produced in English such as FOX-TELECOLOMBIA’s The Mental. It has a highly competitive, creative industry of independent production. It is the country with the best development in creating formats of all entertainment types in the last five years,” explains Amanda Ospina, journalist and TV producer, current director of TVMAS magazine, ONLY Telenovelas Fiction & Formats and creator and organizer of the conference. She adds: “This country is expecting its third national channel soon and has made rule changes to facilitate the entry of foreign businesspeople with interests in the audiovisual sector. For these and other reasons, the majors and big Hollywood studios already

have operational centers in this country as do large chains like MTV, Nickelodeon, HBO and Disney, among others. Other competitive advantages that stand out are the price and quality offered by the local market for the creation and production of all type of content.” Channels, production and post-production companies, equipment providers, program distributors, writers, scriptwriters, talent and advertising agencies, dubbing firms, soundtrack designers, editors, businesspeople, executives and noted fiction artists are getting ready for this unique annual event.

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