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Tribute to the great master Bernardo Romero Pereiro


One of the most emblematic figures in Colombian television, actor, author, scriptwriter anddirector of series and telenovelas. Author of the famous novel, Señora Isabel, which wasproduced under the name of Mirada de Mujer by Epigmenio Ibarra, president of Mexico’s Argos Comunicaciones, and gave TV Azteca one of the highest ratings in its screen history;it was also recently produced for Telemundo under the name Victoria, starring Mexican actress Victoria Ruffo (adapted by his daughter, Jimena Romero, co-written by Lina Uribe) His other gems are Las Juanas, La potra zaina, Sangre de lobo, Old Horse, Escalona and Life In The Mirror, works which brought him international recognition and established himas a master with his own style.

He studied Film and Television Arts in Rome. He was brought up in an artistic and bohemian environment as the house of his parents founders of Colombian television was a meeting point for intellectuals and artists at a time when Colombian families gathered around the radio to listen to radio plays by Shakespeare, JeanPaul Sartre, Tennessee Williams and others. This whole artistic and literary current marked the life of the writer, who began with the story of Colombian television and it was his natural genius for acting, writing and directing which established him as one of the innovators and great references ofnational television.

He married well known actress Judy Henríquez, with whom he had two daughters: Jimena, a talented writer and Adriana, who is a noted actress. He died in Bogotá in August 2005 at the age of 61 as a result of a respiratory illness, leaving behind not only a wonderful legacy but also a group of disciples who today preserve the style and characteristics of the master. He began to develop his most valued works with RTI Televisión, showing his capabilities as a director of all types of programs, with a genius for telenovelas and series.

He was also a wise programmer and words cannot express the contributions Romero Pereiro made not only to television but also to complex genres such as telenovelas, series and comedies he created, directed and produced throughout his life. Series such as Dejémonos de vainas (1983-1998), Escalón, El cuento del domingo, Te quiero pecas and other genres show his passion for innovation. His training is characterized by its reference to magic realism and being a faithful admirer of Nobel Literature Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez, he wrote La mala hora and many original stories and literature, but always reflecting popular Latin American culture.

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