Iberoamerican Writers and Scriptwriters Summit

  • In the context of the VIII World Summit of the Telenovela and Fiction Industry. 17, 18 and 19 November 2010 .
  • Organizer: TVMAS Magazine specialized in the global business of TV.

After the summits of the USA, Europe, Argentina and Colombia this event has become the top meeting point for the strategic referents of telenovelas and fiction series business worldwide.
"This meeting is a reference point of the industry about this topic. And annually, the market awaits for this occasion as a generator of experience exchange, tendencies advance and commercial opportunities for every kind of contents distribution platforms", said Amanda Ospina, journalist, and Ejecutive Director of TVMAS Magazine.


*The professional relationship: The writer and television producer
*New forms of audiovisual writing: Cinema 2010. (TV and Web 3D)
*Distribution on content on multiple platforms.
*The art of transmitting messages and arguments through the artistic use, planned multiple media platforms.
*Creation schemes: the different niches: Targets in the business of fiction and drama.
*Remakes: keys to the adaptation of formats. Preparing scripts for co-productions.
*Marketing and creativity: establishing anchors and extending bridges.
*The opportunity of interactivity (Scripted reality).

Friday November 19th

Meeting of writers, producers and channels.

Relationships between screenwriters, production and broadcast media. New audio visual writing forms, author's rights. Adaptations and co-productions. The marketing and creative work: foundations and key business bridges. Content's publicity and interactive opportunities (scripted reality).

MODERATOR: Carmelo Castro.  Writer and creator for Latina Producciones - Colombia .


  • Eduardo Adrianzen - Writer and screenwriter - Theater and television - Peru
    THEME: The Television Author: A writer, not a detergent salesperson.
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  • Adriana Lorenzon - Writer and creator - Argentina.
    THEME: Fiction's tendency in Latin America.
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  • Ricardo Rodriguez - Writer and screenwriter - Film and telenovelas - Argentina.
    THEME: Telenovelas in the 21st Centuryl
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  • Carmelo Castro - Writer and creator for Latina Producciones.
    THEME: From creative idea to effective dialogue.
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  • Mauro Alencar - Consultant and investigator TVGLOBO- Professor at The Universidad de Sao    Paulo - Brazil.
    THEME:Remakes: Telenovelas and Globalization.
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  • Fredy Trujillo. Director venezolano. Latina Producciones - Venezuela
    THEME:  Collywood: The American dream.



These are the companies that have supported the summit since 2003 in the United States; 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 in Europe (Spain); 2008 in Argentina and 2009 in Colombia. Now is your chance in Peru. Ask for innovative promotional and sponsorship initiatives.