Eight World Summit of the Telenovela and Fiction Industry in the midst of Lima's business and financial district

The International Magazines TVMAS and ONLY TELENOVELAS Fictions and Formats, both specialized on the Television Industry and with the support of the channels, AMERICA TV; Frecuencia Latina;  ATV; RED GLOBAL  and the National Society of Radio and Television of Peru  also  a local production and several Latin American countries,  European countries, the United States of America, and Asia continent, have the pleasure to  request your participation  in the Summit meeting to be held on November 17, 18  and 19 at the Melia Hotel - San Isidro, Lima.

The participation in past Summits of the United States, Germany, and many African and Middle Eastern countries paved the way and opened new opportunities for telenovelas and serials of varied length in the most promising and sought after markets.  This year our special guest is Korea a country fertile and active in Telenovelas and fiction industry, decide to set up businesses in the audiovisual sector in Latin America.The main objective is to promote, encourage parallel development alliances and make an update on new trends in production and business

Amanda Ospina

Why in Peru?
This country has been chosen as the most viable candidate because, according to the World Bank, it is the second fastest growing economy in the region, next to Brazil. Political stability, the strong growth of the advertising market, a well established technical and creative capacity, and a long standing tradition in the development and production of telenovelas that have been well received abroad make Peru the ideal candidate for the execution and production of fresh material aimed at international markets and purchases and sales of canned content.The Summit targets major representatives of the television industry at the regional and global levels. These include businessman, investors, producers, programmers, advertising and talent agents, writers, music and merchandising promoters, investors, embassies, representatives of public and channels open and pay TV, journalist, technical firms with telenovela and series experience (dubbing, production and post production), as well as representatives of academy and governments and everyone involved and interested in the telenovela business, series, dramas, fiction and the new audiovisual products in digital format. Within the summit takes place one day dedicated to writers and producers currently working in the Iberomerica television channels.


*Overview of the market, including formats and content. This would include an assessment of successes and failures, experience with remakes, market penetration and public acceptance.
Production framework, budgets and business models: (Latin America, United States, Europe and Asia)
*Merchandising, soundtrack and licensing. Project design and restructuring.
*Variety of genres in telenovelas and series, in order to maximize market broadening: comedy, adventure, suspense, drama, passion historical, epics
Webnovelas, Phonovelas, Manga and Game Shows (and others in digital format ).
Develop an understanding of the 3D market, trends and their potential impact on the business
*Convergence: content and business alternatives for TV, Internet, and Mobile Telephony. (The rights and the challenge across multiple platforms)
*Policies and criteria of television fiction programming. (Acquisition strategy and guidelines for successful programming).
*Innovative forms and windows for advertising and profitability. (Branded-Entertainment)
The Sales and Distribution: strategic markets and new opportunities in free and pay TV platforms
The Asian telenovela and opportunities in Latin America. (Mexico and Peru have shown successful All About Eve and Stairway to heaven) (opportunity who
Corea offer)


*The professional relationship: The writer and television producer
*New forms of audiovisual writing: Cinema 2010. (TV and Web 3D)
*Distribution on content on multiple platforms.
*The art of transmitting messages and arguments through the artistic use, planned multiple media platforms.
*Creation schemes: the different niches: Targets in the business of fiction and drama.
*Remakes: keys to the adaptation of formats. Preparing scripts for co-productions.
*Marketing and creativity: establishing anchors and extending bridges.
*The opportunity of interactivity (Scripted reality)


*Buying and selling of stories, scripts formats and canned contents
*Opportunities for joint ventures, co production, bilateral agreements or strategic alliances
*Opportunities for mixing international actors in a story. (Strategies to win audience).
*Networking and expanding brand for your company, your products, and your executives..
*Opportunity for the franchise business, soundtracks, services and know how.
*Sharing knowledge and experience on different production schemes, distribution, and Business Models.
*Techniques and aspects related to equipment and technologies for product development
*Exploration of the needed infrastructure and facilities to produce.
The Summit is a unique opportunity for important players in the specialized television field of telenovelas, fiction and serials to exchange views, analyses market trends and explore business possibilities.


It's a great business place where the people have the opportunity to share and negotiate projects and ideas.



These are the companies that have supported the summit since 2003 in the United States; 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 in Europe (Spain); 2008 in Argentina and 2009 in Colombia. Now is your chance in Peru. Ask for innovative promotional and sponsorship initiatives.