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Telenovela Stars

Telenovelas Giants

The Venezuelan telenovela
A drama style based on a global strategy


Canal Caracol from Colombia
Export Company of telenovelas, formats and talent for the world

Telenovela is the genre mostly sold,
but Latin format sells in the whole world.

A great business
for Globo and its program planners

Telenovela in Chile


Korean telenovelas and films amaze

Taking a look at the world of the telenovelas

Saber Amar,
International to Walt Disney Television

Cable television
is an excellent media in Rumania

Croatia releases its first production

Balkans distribution

Globo. from Brazil, gives a thousand hours to Russia

United States The powerfull hispanic marker

United States.
The powerfull Hispanic market

Children and the teenage telenovelas

Multiplatform developments

from Eastern Europe or Latin America?

The “boom” in Israel

The impact in the media

News & News Ratings

In Colombia: a constant cultural phenomenom

In Mexico artists are daily news

Second World summit on the telenovela industry