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By: Amanda Ospina

Telenovela Stars

Taking a look at the world of telenovelas

Romania see more >>
Launching of their own soaps with an up to 3-hour length

 India see more >>
Bollywood, the biggest film industry worldwide on strike

 Bulgaria see more >>
Telemundo’s productions that have been airing on BTV

Korea see more >>
They don’t only sell canned dramas, they also sell them as formats

Armenia see more >>
Shant TV grows


see more >>
A traditionalist television industry. Afraid of the exploration of genres and new stories?

Germany see more >>
After the acomplishments of Ugly Betty, little has changed what telenovelas and series have to offer

Germany see more >>
Ready to coproduce with Latin America?

Italia see more >>
Looking for good ideas for fiction and entertainment formats

Poland see more >>
“Most popular is entertainment: talk-shows and movies”

Poland see more >>
The reality of production markets in a few words

Spain see more >>
Fiction and entertainment grows, but open air TV comes face to face with pay TV and TDT

Spain see more >>
Facing a clock that will soon stop with the analogue blackout

Belgium see more >>
The challenge facing private television in Europe today

Belgium see more >>
A powerful telenovelas universe as the vehicle of the forces of a globalized market and the social mission

Latin America

Colombia see more >>
Sin tetas no hay paraíso, an original fiction format on its way to success and the social mission

Colombia see more >>
New Colombian production company, Ypunto producciones

Argentina see more >>
Esther Feldman, scriptwriter and author of the successful LaLola

Argentina see more >>
“Adaptation of Muñeca Brava made by Televisa with the name of Al diablo con los guapos is a
huge success”

see more >>
“Cuatro Cabezas grew thanks to Eyeworks”

Argentina see more >>
The leading country in Latin America in creativity and the development of the business of television

Argentina see more >>
The direction of the business of world distribution today

Peru see more >>
Innovation in the creation and production of series that mix elements of the genre of telenovelas

Asia - Pacific

Philippines see more >>
Produces dramatic series in the style of telenovelas and exports them to the whole world

China see more >>
La Fea más Bella builds a powerful bridge between Latin telenovelas and China

Australia see more >>
Television becomes increasingly fragmented and cable acquires more importance. Coproductions have opened up with various countries

1st Summit Miami 2008

Evolution, Future and Opportunities in the
US Hispanic Television Market
see more >>

Gallery see more >>


Summer top-rated shows: Clues about this season’s colors see more >>

Business People As actors of the global industry