VI World summit of the
telenovela and fiction


The Buenos Aires City Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Economic Development, official sponsors of the VI World Summit of the Telenovela and Fiction Industry

Soledad Silveyra nationally celebrated Argentinean
actress with a long career. More than forty years in
the profession and protagonist of more than twenty
telenovelas, the last of which was Vidas robadas, on Telefe.

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Francisco Cabrera-Minister of Economic

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The opening session was left in charge of Soledad Silveyra an actress who started her career at the age of 12 with her role in El Amor Tiene Cara de Mujer, which established her reputation as one of the first telenovela and television actresses in Argentina. In 1972, she starred one of the television drama series that were unforgettable for the Argentinean people, Rolando Rivas Taxista, written by legendary Argentinean author Alberto Migré, i considered the father of Argentine telenovela.
“The telenovela has reached, with its characteristic Latin flavor, screens all over the world. We live in an increasingly more violent and chaotic planet, a world of wild individualism, and the telenovela is not alien to this dark panorama.
Thanks to this genre, many telenovelas have become a starting point for meetings and social construction. Their stories of love and passion are increasingly mixed up with topics such as nonviolence, justice, health and education. I am currently working on a project about the history of the telenovela to honor it and to get the world acquainted with its history in the individual countries. I take advantage of this opportunity to invite you all to build up this dream. I would like to introduce the real protagonist of this meeting, as much as I want to congratulate and thank her.
It is Amanda Ospina, producer, analyst, journalist and director of TVMAS and ONLY TELENOVELAS Fictions & Formats, magazines centered on the television industry. Amanda has devoted her life to this industry, which she knows perfectly, and has worked with passion to make the people involved in the TV business see more clearly the broad business panorama in all continents.
With her devoted work and professionalism, she could bridge the gap among different countries in the world and their cultures. This is a unique and historical meeting in Buenos Aires City and we thank her for organizing this valuable exchange of experiences with the aim of improving products and the

industry itself. Thank you.” “We are very grateful to Mr Mauricio Macri, Governor of Buenos Aires City, and the Minister of Culture and Turism, Engineer Hernán Lombardi, who opened the doors to us, and the Minister of Economic Development, Francisco Cabrera. Both Mr Lombardi and Mr Cabrera have the clear objective of stimulating growth in the city and positioning it as a competitive and trustworthy field to attract investments, in this case in content production. It has been demonstrated that this great country, economy and culture wise, wants to support the development of the audiovisual sector and the fiction industry.”

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