VI World summit of the
telenovela and fiction


“Today's television is thought globally”
The coauthor of Patito Feo stated that the “good times” for fiction came about because the script and the author regained the position they had lost”


The acclaimed independent writer gave a presentation centered on “fiction for childrenyouth audiences”, referring to a niche she exploited very successfully in Patito Feo. The moderator was Enrique Torres, one of the most celebrated and prolific writers from Argentina, who is President today at Perla Negra Producciones. 37-year-old Citterio has spent the last 15 years writing for television, which makes her a privileged witness of the changes taking place in the market. According to the writer, the present “good times” came about because“content is moving to the foreground and stories are having an increasingly prominent role.” Her last work, Patito Feo (Ideas del Sur- Canal 13), is an example of the relevance of a good script. “It was the victory of a good story I wrote with Mario Schajris, together with good acting, good production and excellent direction,” she affirmed. Adifferent experience, but equally successful was that of Amor en Custodia, aired on Telefé and starred by Soledad Silveyra and Osvaldo Laport. The writer emphasizes that TV Azteca gave her the opportunity to adapt the story herself for the Mexican market. “It was very enriching to be present in the books,” she pointed out, adding that in that country, in contrast to Argentina, the most attractive couple for the audience was the youth one, so the story centered on it. Besides, it lasted 60 episodes more than the original one.

Television in times of crisis
“Economy wise, and to face the crisis, we have to be a team,” stated Citterio before the audience. In her opinion, any project today must have “more than one head,” as done in the case of Patito feo with an alliance between Ideas del Sur, Televisa, Disney Channel and Canal 13. “Today's fiction is thought globally, to be sold into many countries. If reduced to just one country, it is not profitable,” she maintained. “Far behind are the times when the Internet did not exist and you had to send the episodes to the channel in a taxi,” the scriptwriter remembers, adding that “it was impossible to dream about today's globalization.”
The new situation obliges fiction writers to “leave their position behind the computer in order to get in touch with other world realities and say hi, I am here, this is my work”. Thus, authors and stories are regaining a position
that, according to them, had been lost. At the beginning and end of the presentation, both Citterio and Torres praised the summits organized by TVMAS held in Buenos Aires for the first time “It is a success because nobody had been able to call on so many Argentinean authors before,” affirmed the writer, maintaining that this kind of megameetings with people of the industry enables the creation of links. “I will always attend them,” she promised.