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Ibero-American Television. A titanic fight

Telenovelas Giants

Telenovela Stars

Asia and Europe represent fierce competition

The most innovative stories in Latin America

Caracol: leader in telenovelas

The telenovela from Brazil
A high quality symbol all over the world

Globo: Educating, forming and entertaining

The diversity of stories is a quality seal

Argentinian Telenovelas, a tradition of quality

Telenovelas, entertainment platform and movies

Giants in the art of creating and selling telenovelas

Taking a look at the world of the telenovelas

In Croatia The First Telenovela produced by an independent group

Slovenia Reaching 40% of the spectators

Eastern Europe production

Latin American Writers seedbed

A “human passions” show

The most innovating stories in Latin America

The highest rating in the TV history

Latin American telenovela is going through a conservative phase

The first Croatian telenovela has a Latin name, Villa María

In Reality shows and formats
in Latin America
A lot of millions and huge technical equipment

In Colombia: Reality Shows War for the Prime Time

The reality shows do not replace telenovelas

United States The powerful hispanic market

Under Univisión and Telemundo control


The expansion of telenovelas

Zepelin co-producing telenovela “El cruce”

Gallery Picture

Data on the First World Summit
of the Telenovela Industry

An industry over 2 thousand million dollars

Production schemes in the United States