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14th edition - January February 2009

By: Amanda Ospina

VI Word summit of the telenovela and fiction industry

The Buenos Aires City Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Economic Development, official sponsors of the VI World Summit of the Telenovela and Fiction Industry see more >>

Telenovelas: the entertainment and product of Latin American popular culture see more >>

Confessing the secrets of adapting telenovelas see more >>

Africa, a spot where to shoot, invest and produce see more >>

A success today, a format tomorrow see more >>

“Today's television is thought globally” see more >>

Networks tend to incorporate long-lasting trends see more >>

"Some good stories work everywhere" see more >>

"Music is not secondary. It is an essential part of telenovelas" see more >>

“Australians would love to work with South America” see more >>

Telenovela success in Romania see more >>